Alan Vannoy: Statement

I have a large collection of do-it-yourself encyclopedias and vintage catalogs, dingbats and letterpress catalogs, stickers and unique magazines. I also collect fried pie wrappers and potato chip bags and hot dog wrappers and small toys and fake tattoos and firecracker labels, interesting receipts and food labels. I'm especially drawn to things of regional or esoteric interest. I peruse my collections for inspiration, for juxtapositions and incongruities. I find certain images stick in my brain and I am forced to bring them to light for others to consider. I like to layer images, to create depth and complexity, forcing a viewer to look through the work or at least into it. There are surprises hidden away in the layers. Sometimes a singular image is enough, the interest is aroused by the way it is rendered, mundane becomes magnificent. My work is past-tense propaganda, a call to reconsider things taken for granted so long ago. Sometimes I appeal to the simpler things in life: good times food, and family. Sometimes I appeal to more complex ideas: health, sexuality, death, insanity. I find the images I collect and obsess over, when isolated and rearranged, can bring about new ways of thinking about our daily lives, and ourselves.